Category: Handmade


Flower Linocut

  Playing with colours and abstract floral shapes and my favourite printmaking technique!

Willow Basket Weaving

My Dad is teaching me to make a willow basket. So much fun. So much work!      

Basket Weaving Tool

My Dad’s Christmas wish was to get a 4-way cleave for his basket making hobby. I could only find a 3-way cleave, so I decided to carve a…

Gelli Printing Bookbinding

After spending a day gelli printing (and having huge fun!) I decided to use the prints and turn them into a bookbinding project.


Made a box for my bookbinding corner cutting tools.

Happy Printing Days

My new printing press arrived. Hurrah!! It works beautifully and the days of Happy Printing can now start in ernest.

Not a Pig

Me and my friends talked about money boxes we made when we were little. Covering a balloon with wallpaper paste and newspaper, using parts of egg boxes to…

Potato Printing

What a joy. A day of potato printing. I must have been in kindergarten the last time I did potato prints.

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